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About Mud Creek Clayworks

 My studio is located at our ranch in Santa Anna, Texas. The area known for “The Santa Anna Gap” on the Great Western Cattle Trail.  The Santa Anna twin mesas are part of a series of high elavations  long used by the Cherokee Indians as well as the Texas Rangers, the frontier forts and the military during the civil war. Pottery chards, arrowheads and other artifacts are still being uncovered.


I would like some day to produce pottery from the abundance of natural clay formations on our ranch. The region is rich in the history of brick making and the supply of high silicate content sand used in glass making, pottery and other industrial uses. Mud Creek starts at the base of the Santa Anna Mountains and meanders through our ranch on its way to Lake Brownwood.  

The soil is laced with red and yellow clays. Deep revenes have been carved along its path and one particular tree to the left, I have named "Tenacious"  It's roots are growing straight out from the bank and the tree proudly reaches for the sky.


Every food tile is made here by hand from stoneware clay..  All pieces are hand stamped , glazed with food safe glazes and fired twice.  The final firing is to 2205 degrees.  


Hand wash to clean. *Never take tile from the freezer and put directly  in the oven to heat or place a warm tile in  the freezer.  First allow tile to come to room temperature. Remember to use an oven mitt when removing tile from a hot oven.

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